Sam-Neua -- a live streamed performance.

performed simultaneous between France (Labouillant) and the USA (Austin, TX)
duration approx. 20 minutes.

Sam-Neua is a song that is part of a collection of pieces called "Voices"
that i am currently writing on the Laos Secret War.

Sam-Neua, the capital city of Houaphan province in Northern Laos
was a center for communism and home of the Pathet Laos.
In this region's caverns hid Kaysone Phomvihane that served as Pathet Laos leader.

Without the general public knowledge, Laos became the first most heavily bombed country
in the 20th century. The bombing of Laos became what we refer today as the "Laos model"
in modern airstrike strategies warfare.

Sam Neua

dear comrades
this is your leader
can you hear me?
all the way from
Sam Neua

i know you can not see me
i know you will never be able to meet me
in person
from Sam Neua
i am sending you
my best

can you remember?
you lived underground
Sam Neua
take me back
take me with you

we did it because you asked us to do so
we did it because we love you so
we must live underground
better live underground

Sam Neua - Sam Neua
you are the beacon
all the way
from very far away
i hear your calling

Sam Neua - Sam Neua
i love your voice so much
i miss you so dearly

you never stopped calling
still to this day
i can see your face so clearly

i know you did your best
you can rest assured
your people are here

listen - we never stopped hearing you
we are coming back to you
we love you so dearly

your command
our necessity
we look up to you
we will give ourselves

our dear leader
all the way
from Sam-Neua